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USED - The Power of USED

USED is a vibrant mix of modern mobility, ideas, art and opinions. We are also busy in the pursuit of dreams and a way to make the world work a touch better than it is right now. We try to be green in our beliefs and actions and think that living on the edge is better than living in a sea of complacency. Our URBAN Mobility portfolio includes Carradice Bags, Carry Freedom Trailers, Transport bikes from Monark, Singlespeed, Fixed Gear, Comfort Bikes, Trikes, trailers and lots of crazy stuff.

Power of USED: 

The vision is not that the plane is going to fall from the sky and we are going to get wet. It also doesn't mean that just because the jacket has been USED it will not save your life. What would you trust more? A jacket that has worked before or one that has never been USED? Think about it.

A brand is a promise between a product and it's user. It defends it's orientation and identification against all attackers. To do this the brand needs a manifesto to control it's position and integrity. This manifesto is radical, passionate and ambitious, but if you can feel the vibrations then it will be peaceful, satisfying and motivating.

Every brand needs a vision and, every vision has to take a stand. There is no way to fake it...... USED started out as an opinion platform. I was trying to find out where I stood. I was try to find a way to mix creativity and art with plain down to earth commerce, without worrying about retribution and sleepless nights. This is not about screwing people...... USED is about goals, ideals, dreams and love. The only way to move things is to want to move things. If you don't care, don't complain, just get off the bus! The job of art is to destroy ugliness - let's start with roads and cars and move on to tv and depression!

If you find something that interests you - contribute. Send a mail, send a drawing, send a film, send a review. Tell us what's right and of course, what's wrong. But don't waste our time with negative input, we need answers and we need allies and we want to have fun at the same time. Strength is the network.

Join us in the jungle!