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Welcome to Planet USED
USED is a vibrant mix of modern mobility, ideas, art and opinions. We are also busy in the pursuit of dreams and a way to make the world work a touch better than it is right now. We try to be green in our beliefs and actions and think that living on the edge is better than living in a sea of complacency.


Here's home and work for us, 1800 square meters of factory warehouse space next to the railway station in Quakenbrück. We watch the trains go by and dream of a better world. Enviroment-friendly mobility our goal. The bikes are built in the celler.

Die USED Mannschaft

Being in the middle of the town has it's advantages, the italian ice cream store is just down the road and we are easy to reach because of the railway connection. Quality has found it's place in the old station complex. Here's where we build bikes, play basketball and watch the tourists - and it's also the starting point of our quest for world domination. And now we have a bar right next to the warehouse called the Kantine Quakenbrück - best cocktails in QB.

Die USED Mannschaft

Now we are also making our own electricity, with a 32kwH photovoltaik system. We push the electricity back into the grid get paid for it. Anyone interested in such a project, can get in touch.

So where's Quakenbrück, i can here you asking? It's a sleepy town in the North-West of Germany, between Osnabrück and Oldenburg. Basketball fans will know it as the home of the Artland Dragons, who play in the German BBL.


Die USED Mannschaft

Our team is small, but Bob and Dan have a lot of support from friends in Melbourne, Taiwan, Glasgow, Sacramento, Palo Alto, Nelson UK and San Francisco. Photographers, musicians and designers help use to create exciting and innovative products.

The real USED-team - the USED-Dynamic-Duo - is here:

Dan (aka Frau Ackmann): She is the boss around here, although we try not to let her know it. She takes care of business, takes the orders and will come after you if you don't pay your bills. But she's the womens touch around here and most men will know how important that is in a small company like USED.

Bob: He does the marketing and takes care of those who speak better English than German. Loves products like Xtracycle and Carry Freedom that appeal to his sense of innovation and lifestyle in mobility. Bob loves music and still plays gigs once and a while. He also does some work for the Artland Dragons basketball team, heading the after game press conference. You can read his Power of USED Manifesto here.


In the last four year USED products have won many awards:


German Design Prize for ScooterTrike, iF Design for ScooterBike, Brand New Award for CarryFreedom City and Y-Frame and BiGBOY and even a VSF ethic-award for our lobby and non-profit work (and we are very proud of that one!).